Steel City Resistance



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Steel City Resistance

Hutch Jr.

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: A couple guys from Pittsburgh and Orlando discussing national goings on

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Show notes links are up this week,

Listenership back on par,

GOP Leadership has no spine,

Is Benghazi dead,

Obama Pain starting to become apparent,

Papa John had no choice,

They’re selling the Twinkie ovens,

Community Colleges struggling,

Majority of Democrats do not support Israel,

Young Europeans waking up to immigration Jihad,

Time to get tough on Iran,

The American electorate is a scary thing,

Jesse Jackson Jr. gets taken out with the trash,

Gun law backfire,

Obama omits God for the fourth straight Thanksgiving Address,

Cultural Marxism,

Taxes set to skyrocket,

Are RFID chips going to be implanted,

Crowds rally against the Muslim Brotherhood,

Saudi women being tracked electronically,

No more Bush’s dammit,

Next candidate must be younger