Steel City Resistance



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Steel City Resistance

Hutch Jr.

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: A couple guys from Pittsburgh and Orlando discussing national goings on

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Another huge week,

Pallywood is alive and well,

Call out the anti Israel Propagandists (media),

We are the new media,

They are not militants they are terrorists,

We can talk when they love their children more than they hate us,


Cristie is not one of us politically,

Thanks BNI,

Things getting fishy in the Allen West recount,

Why aren’t we actively helping Israel,

Ward drops F Bombs,

Has a world war begun,

Christian clergy needs to talk about islamists,

Sadat. Nasser.  Mubarek.  and the MB,

Affair is getting complicated,

There is evidence covering all these crimes,

Patriots in the desert,

Geographic bachelors and the Generals,

Huge casualty count in Syria