Steel City Resistance



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Steel City Resistance

Hutch Jr.

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: A couple guys from Pittsburgh and Orlando discussing national goings on

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Hutch takes responsibility for prediction,

California is a classroom,

Fulltime equals 30 hours,

Old Heads have got to go,

Dismiss the Tea Party at your peril,

White people are irrelevant forever,

Voter Fraud must be stopped,

Environmental Idiocy,

 Chris is on the job in Florida,

Benghazi dwarfs Watergate,

Iranians can’t shoot,

The Petraeus situation and ramifications,

Cannot leave our people on the battlefield,

We need a charismatic conservative that believes in it,

Allen West for President,

A generational shift is required today,

If Obama was impeached would he go peacefully,

Obama didn’t run a good campaign he lied and the media parroted,

Romney is not conservative,

GOP moderates have been losing for 80 years,

Israel will hit back,

TSA Unions up,

Support New Media,

Obama gets 85% of the muslim vote