Steel City Resistance



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Steel City Resistance

Hutch Jr.

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: A couple guys from Pittsburgh and Orlando discussing national goings on

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An historic time in our country,

You can’t recognize your country anymore,

FEMA ran out of water,

Prepare yourselves,

King Bloomberg cancels marathon,

Global Warming raises its fraudulent head,

Obama administration politically stupid and arrogant,

What else has the corrupt media covered up over the years? ,

MSNBC and HBO are disgusting,

The stimulus was such a waste,

Will PA have 2 GOP Senators? ,

Flag Officers purged,

Benghazi will bring prison time,

Corrupt media will pay the price,

Gay GOP “victim” lied,

Was Benghazi the setup for a hostage crisis? ,

Sandy breaks down civilization,

Free gas for everyone,

Tool Up,

Romney eyes PA,

Special interests for Obama,

Romney signs win in a landslide,

Barone calls it for Romney