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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 14 – Sell This Picture


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Thursday Tech Talk

Description: Thursday Tech Talk hosted by Nick and Nick

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 14 – Sell This Picture

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It’s the Holiday season and everyone is out and about buying some of the latest and greatest tech gear. What did you buy for your signifcant others? Friends? Family? THQ recently announed filing for bankruptcy. I had fond memories of playing Wrestlemania 2000 in my college dorm. Thanks for the memories THQ. Apparently our App selections for App of the Week haven’t been good enough? Well send us your suggestions today at

Here’s What You’ll Get in this Week’s Show

The Week’s Top Tech Headlines

Battles with Apple

Blackberry 10 announcements

THQ files for bankruptcy

Instagram tried to ruin its brand all in one day

Top Tech items to buy your friends and family this holiday season

Apps of the Week

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