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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 13 – Bye Bye Nintendo Power


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Thursday Tech Talk

Description: Thursday Tech Talk hosted by Nick and Nick

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 13 – Bye Bye Nintendo Power

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How many of you had Nintendo Power growing up? I never was a subscriber growing up but I had friends that were and it was awesome when they’d get new issues at their house. One of the most memorable things about that magazine was the posters. This week marks the last edition of the long running magazine, 25 years! I honestly didn’t even know that magazine existed. Many believed that Nintendo would continue to publish digitial editions for iPad’s and Android Tablets but the company is moving on. What were some of your favorite things about Nintendo Power?

Here’s What You’ll Get in this Week’s Show

The Week’s Top Tech Headlines

Nintendo Power

Apple computers being manufactured in the US

Netflix is rollin

The UN is trying to mess with the world’s internet

Facebook’s Democracy

Apps of the Week

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