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Bishops - Part 50: 17th Century Russia

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In the next in his series on Church organization and structure, Fr. Tom talks about 17th Century Russia and the influences of Patriarch Nikon and the Old Believer schism...

Archbishop Fenelon and Great Lent

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Fr. Thomas talks about the writings of Archbishop Francois Fenelon, a Roman Catholic writer from the 17th Century. Fr. Tom was particularly taken with Fenelon's spiritual writings surrounding Lent...

The Purpose of Lent

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As we approach the mid-point of Great Lent, Fr. Tom reflects on the purpose of this season in the Church year...

Bishops - Part 49: 17th Century Calvinistic and Roman Influences on Orthodoxy

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Fr. Tom talks about what happened in the 17th Century, when Orthodoxy in both Constantinople and Ukraine were influenced by non Orthodox thinking...

The Necessity of the Trinity

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In this very helpful theological discourse, Fr. Thomas Hopko states that the trinitarian understanding of God is absolutely essential to the Christian faith...

Bishops - Part 48: The Reformation and Its Impact on Orthodoxy

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Fr. Thomas Hopko calls the Reformation one of the most impactful periods of Church history on Orthodoxy. Learn about how the Orthodox were influenced by Roman Catholic and Protestant thinking...

Resisting Like St. Maximus

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We have just finished the month of January where many of the heroes of the Faith are remembered. One of them is St. Maximus the Confessor who paid a price for resisting bishops and emperors when he thought they were promoting false doctrine. Fr. Tom teaches us what can we learn from this humble and...

Bishops - Part 47: Ivan the Terrible and The Russian Church in the 16th Century

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The 16th Century was pivotal for the Orthodox Church in Russia which is during the reign of Ivan the Terrible and also the period when the Russian Church was given autocephaly...

Peace on Earth

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In his Christmas reflection, Fr. Thomas examines what "Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men" means and what it doesn't mean...

Bishops - Part 46: The Russian Church in the 15th Century

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Fr. Tom talks about the important 15th century in the lands of Rus at the time of the sacking of Constantinople by the Turks...

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