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Fr. Tom Reflects On Kevin Allen’s Retirement

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As many know, Kevin Allen recently announced his retirement from his interview program, Ancient Faith Today. After listening to an interview Ancient Faith Radio did with Kevin announcing his departure, Fr. Tom shares his own thoughts on the state of American Orthodoxy...

Met. Anthony Bloom’s Homily on the Cross

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During this week as we venerate the cross of Christ, Fr. Tom Hopko shares a sermon by Met. Anthony Bloom on the cross and our sin...

Awesome or Fearful?

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A commonly used word today is "awesome." But, given its meaning today, Fr. Tom asks if it is the appropriate word to use in our Divine Liturgy...

What Does Rome Need To Do? - Part 2

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This is part 2 of Fr. Tom's paper on what Orthodoxy would expect from Rome before communion would be restored...

What Does Rome Need To Do? - Part 1

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As promised in his last episode, Fr. Thomas share with us the paper he wrote in 2005 outlining what the Roman Catholic Church would need to do to unite with the Orthodox. He broke it up into two parts and this is part one...

Ecumenical Efforts

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In light of all of the discussion about the Ecumenical Patriarch meeting with the Pope, Fr. Tom offers some of his experiences with the World Council of Churches...

Bishops - Part 51: 18th Century Russia

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In this fascinating episode, Fr. Tom talks about the tragic influence of Peter the Great and the further westernization of the Orthodox Church in Russia...

Bishops - Part 50: 17th Century Russia

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In the next in his series on Church organization and structure, Fr. Tom talks about 17th Century Russia and the influences of Patriarch Nikon and the Old Believer schism...

Archbishop Fenelon and Great Lent

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Fr. Thomas talks about the writings of Archbishop Francois Fenelon, a Roman Catholic writer from the 17th Century. Fr. Tom was particularly taken with Fenelon's spiritual writings surrounding Lent...

The Purpose of Lent

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As we approach the mid-point of Great Lent, Fr. Tom reflects on the purpose of this season in the Church year...

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