SouthGeek Ramble and Review [Audio]

SouthGeek Ramble and Review 38 [100110]: Doin’ Things We Aren’t ‘Spose To


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SouthGeek Ramble and Review [Audio]

Anairo Media

Tifton, Georgia

Description: SouthGeek Ramble & Review

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SouthGeek Ramble and Review 38 [100110]: Doin’ Things We Aren’t ‘Spose To

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In this episode, the pundits are joined by special guest Eric Brooks of, to discuss Google’s soon to be announced dropbox competitor, Google Drive; the Tupac “hologram” that really wasn’t a hologram but some 16th century technology, and the official announcement of the Windows 8 versions, even the dumbly named one.

Carl T. Ruckus reports in on another trojan that is plaguing Apple computers, how IT departments are starting to act like Big Brother, and the Apple II turned 35 on April 17th.

Special segment:  Interview with special guest Eric Brooks on the blending of his passion for technology and his passion of cars.  Eric talks about how he created a large community of Mustang enthusiasts with and how he now tunes cars by reprogramming the computer chips in the cars.  He even tunes cars remotely via the Internet!.  Special thanks to Eric for joining us and giving us a peek inside his world of car tuning, locally and remotely and  his large community of Mustang lovers!

Pundits:  Chad Purvis and Eric Brooks

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  • Google Drive Details Leak:  5GB for Free, Launching Next Week
  • Tupac “hologram” merely pretty cool optical illusion
  • Announcing the Windows 8 Editions
  • New version of Mac OS X Trojan exploits Word, not Java
  • When Big Brother Watches IT
  • Happy Birthday, Apple II
  • Brooks Speed, Inc.
  • Modular Fords