Sounds Familiar

#7: Footsteps


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Sounds Familiar

Blake Cooper

Buffalo, NY

Description: Sounds Familiar is a podcast about patterns in popular media. My goal is to find the interesting stories and surprising connections hidden underneath these patterns, and prove how the most mundane or cliche parts of our existence can still surprise us.

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#7: Footsteps

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We hear a lot about the work goes into getting the eye-grabbing visuals Hollywood blockbusters… but how much work goes into getting the sounds? You may be surprised to learn that behind, not just the explosions and fight scenes, but behind every door creaking, every clothing rustle, behind every footstep is the careful work of a foley artist, a sound designer whose job it is to make sure you hear the sounds you expect to hear, when you expect to hear them.

How do they do it? What does it take to be the people behind the sounds behind the biggest stars in cinema? Today we’re looking at the performance behind the performance. It’s foley artists, on Sounds Familiar.

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#6: Series in Decline

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It’s happened again. Your favorite TV show (or graphic novels or movie franchise or podcast) is headed down the tubes. The shark has been jumped, and now there’s no looking back.  What does it mean for a series to be in decline? What does it look like? And why does it happen? I intend...

#5: Sex, Death and Morals in Horror

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In 1980, during a “very special episode” of Siskel & Ebert, Roger Ebert made a provocative claim about the emerging genre of “slasher” horror films: “these films hate women.”  Whether that’s true—and why—is a little more complicated. Dr. L...

#4: The Rule of Threes

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Is three really the magic number? Sometimes it seems like it. From three blind mice to sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, things that come in threes just seem… right. This time I’ll speak with Michael Eck, who has tracked down and documented things in threes for decades, about why th...

#3: The Loudness War

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The Loudness War is the pejorative name given to the decades-long struggle to try and make the loudest record, to have that one song that’ll stand out above the flood of other sounds we hear, musical and non-musical, on a daily basis. Of course, with everybody competing for the next loudest...

#2: Bad Translations

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We all know a bad translation when we see one… or do we? Translations of all sorts can, at best, ensure our shared survival. And at worst, mistranslations have had varied, far-reaching and often disastrous effects, as basic as “all your base are belong to us” or as serious as botched post...

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