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Mizuno White Out Bat


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Mizuno White Out Bat

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Chad Roberson is the business manager for bats at Mizuno, is hosting this review.  The new line of Mizuno fastpitch bat is called the Whiteout.  The goal of this new line of fastpitch softball bats was to increase the performance of the sweet spot.  Another goal of this new line of fastpitch softball bat was to decrease the swing weight.  Comes in a -10, -9, and -8.

Price 279.95 -- You can purchase Mizuno White Out Bat at , or call 817-303-6620

Mizuno Whiteout Fastpitch Bat (-10)

New 3Z Technology

Massive sweet spot for increased performance across the whole barrel

Black Onyx Carbon utilized for maximum performance and durability

Lightweight end cap design used to help increase swing speed

Balanced barrel for lower swing weight and better bat control

Certified for ASA, NSA, ISA and USSSA 1.20 BPF.

Price 279.95 - You can purchase Mizuno White Out Bat at, or call 817-303-6620

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