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Softball Equipment Reviews

Gary Leland


Description: Great softball equipment review videos

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The equipment review today is hosted by Chris Stewart, the inventor of the Pocket Radar.  The Pocket Radar is used by many sports including baseball and softball.  It weighs less than your Iphone at .4oz. The Pocket Radar can measure speed out of the hand for pitchers, runners, as well as ball speed off of a bat. This radar gun is extremely accurate at plus or minus one mile an hour. It has a setting to measure the acceleration of a runner. The Pocket Radar is durable and compact. You can drop the radar and it will not mess up the calibration. 

Price 199.95 - You can purchase Pocket Radar at, or call 817-303-6620.

Pocket Radar redefines the State-of-the-Art in handheld speed measurement. 

This technological breakthrough brings you the world’s most compact, high-performance speed radar. 

The revolutionary Pocket Radar is ideal for baseball, softball, tennis, racing … “anything that moves.”

Easy-to-use, point-and-shoot one button action.

Only 4 oz. (115 g) in weight.

Easy to carry and store.

Takes the guesswork out of the game.

Package includes: Pocket Radar, hard shell carrying case, two AAA batteries, wrist strap and quick start guide.

Price 199.95 - You can purchase Pocket Radar at, or call 817-303-6620.

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