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Greg Atkinson of Christian Media Magazine: Episode 82


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Social Media Church podcast

DJ Chuang

Orange County, California

Description: the place for convesations with church leaders about social media

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Greg Atkinson of Christian Media Magazine: Episode 82

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Listen to the wide span of insights from Greg Atkinson - pastor, consultant, and Editor of Google+ Hangout on Air.

Show Notes

  • Connect with Greg Atkinson on Twitter
  • #book
  • #article What to Do When a Volunteer Posts Something Inappropriate on Facebook by Dale Hudson
  • #article A 5 Day Experiment on the Power of Social Media by Phil Bowdle
  • #article The Easter Social Media Invitation by Josh Burns
  • #article My Top 8 Church Websites This Easter by Steve Fogg
  • #article Diving In To Social Media by Greg Atkinson
  • Central Christian Church (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Cross Point Church (Nashville, TN)
  • #raw video of this episode’s recording

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Jed Davis is an avid blogger that I found serendipitously while making my rounds on the blogosphere. What caught my attention was his free eBook titled "The Social Media Guide for Churches: What You Need to Know and Why You Need to Know It". We connected up and had a quick conversation on this episo...

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Van Baird launched Relational Equity to help cultivate meaningful relationships through social media, though he'd prefer to use the word media instead of social media. He explains why on this episode of Social Media Church; we also talk about how to listen well, show love, and tips for launching a p...

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