Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Description: Subculture, Counterculture, Occulture, Underground Music.

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SittingNow TV – Episode 4 – Lucifer Rising

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In this, the last of our Summer of Love episodes, Peter Grey dissected one of the most notorious of the grimoire rituals, through Grand Grimoire, Red and Black Dragons, paring back the layers of artifice to a raw shamanic confrontation ‘In the skin of the Beast’. An exegesis with far reaching im...

SittingNow TV – Episode 01 – The Voyage of Ulysses Black

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In this - the first ever- episode of SittingNow TV, we present the first of four lectures from the 'Summer of Love' event put on by Scarlet Imprint back in August.

Ulysses Black is not a name known to the occult community, despite having generated, under different guises, considerable interest throu...

SittingNow TV begins this month with the Summer of Love

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SittingNow.co.uk were invited to film the events of the first 'Summer of Love' event in Brighton by the excellent Scarlet Imprint.

A veritable Summer of Love distilled into one brimful cup of intoxication, illumination and revelation...

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