Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Coincidence Control Network: File #79 – Old Father Whine


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Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Right Where You Are Sitting Now

United Kingdom

Description: Subculture, Counterculture, Occulture, Underground Music.

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Coincidence Control Network: File #79 – Old Father Whine

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The belated pre-Xmas episode finally rears its beautiful head! Internet and holiday seasons don’t mix well, apologies.

This week: Happy birthday to the literary messiah!, Poo idols, Annoying those caarazy Christians, Skinny Puppy profit from pain, Magic mushrooms and the crown, and much more.

Personnel –  Ken Eakins

Links of yore:

  • Happy Birthday PKD
  • Scatological Christmas Link
  • The must have bling that Christians hate. –
  • Skinny Puppy Torture Invoice
  • Busted by Mom on CSPAN
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Mushrooms – k
  • Marky Ramone Memoir
  • ‘Merry Christmas’ is Back, Bitches Link
  • Going Medieval with 3D printing –


The post Right Where You Are Sitting Now.

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Coincidence Control Network: File #78 – Don’t look!

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We finally went and did it. The first video CCN!

This week: Kim gives us the low down on an event in the US, Dino teeth...found!, About as useful as a chocolate teapot, Matheny's new online mag, Take a tour of evolution with this retard, Jesus in asia, Hitler's artistic chops, Fast crocodiles, l...

Coincidence Control Network: File #77 – Too Spicy for India!

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This week: Kim and Joe have been sent to podcast bootcamp, UFO smoking gun...if only there was a gun, bum fights! yeah!, Florida shakes it weird booty back in our direction, Dragon Age too spicy for Indian tastes, music so bad it kills, Nazis raise cash for charity, and much more...

Coincidence Control Network: File #76 – Restoring Order

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This week: CCN reaches an all time low: Using Robots to make ghosts, a new low in regular features, clowns are scary..the facts, China has a really big laser, a big snake eats a man, the pros and cons of space travel with Virgin, Bill's documentary about Napster, more religious hoaxary, and much mor...

Coincidence Control Network: File #75 – A True American Love Story

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Sorry for the delay this week kids. I (the all seeing Ken), have been stricken with evil germs. What are you going to do uh?

This week: I actually don't know...it's all in American...But I think they talk about Black Eyed kids again...or was it the black eyed peas?, Something about Pigeons being ter...

Dead Albatross 2014 – Part 2

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Here's part two of the podcast. Please visit the Dead Albatross website for proper information. The result will be announced on Wednesday 29th October live on Reel Rebels radio.


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