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Tsh Oxenreider

Austin, Tx

Description: Intentional living from Tsh of Simple Mom

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Old Lady Sparkle

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We’re back! So glad to get back to regular podcasting, and also really excited about this new format. Let us know what you think in the comments below! (And yes, we know the sound isn’t super stellar in this episode—apologies.)

But first—Megan’s found a gem of a book about parenting tweens:

by Julie Ross (make sure it’s by Julie—there’s FOUR books on Amazon with the same name!)

Also, glasses!

And haircuts! And nose piercings! At seedy tattoo parlors!

Head here to check out .

…and don’t forget to check out Audible! So glad to have them as a sponsor.



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In this episode, Tsh is honored to chat with Susan Wise Bauer, historian, educator, author, and farm girl...

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Tsh celebrates the launch of her new book by talking with Stephanie Langford about traveling around the world with your family...

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In this episode, Tsh chats with Jon and Jenny Acuff!

Jenny's working on a new book!

She also likens social media to alchemy.

She and Jon both believe in risk.

And they all love Jeni's ice cream.

More thoughts from the convo:

A steady job isn't a failure.

If you have a resume, you're a brand...

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In this episode, Tsh talks to her friend Shaun Groves, a musician and songwriter, and also the guy who leads blog trips on behalf of Compassion International. He's also wildly known for his hair.

Tex-Mex - manna from heaven. But #nothealthy...

Makeup-Free People

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We're back! And to kick off the new year and the release of Tsh's book, Notes From a Blue Bike, she'll be chatting with a few special guests for the next few episodes. For this episode, she's with Shauna Niequist, author of Bread & Wine!...

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