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Tsh Oxenreider

Austin, Tx

Description: Intentional living from Tsh of Simple Mom

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Somebody Sewed That Shirt

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Podcast time! This episode explores the world of ethical fashion—for kids. Hayley Morgan is starting a new clothing line with the hopes of transforming how we think about dressing our kids. I talk to her about slow fashion and owning a small family business, what it means to be a working mom with young children, and why it matters how we spend our money. (That five dollar shirt didn’t really cost five dollars, and yep—somebody actually sewed that.)


Hayley’s Kickstarter campaign (update: it’s beyond funded with over a week left—but anything above and beyond will go to a girls’ line!)

Factory 45

The Ethical Shopping Guide on The Art of Simple


Hackwith Design House


Shannan Martin’s post about dressing her little girl on a dime

Tsh finally wrote about what she’s packing for their round-the-world trip.

…And follow Tsh and her family as they travel around the world!

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Your (little) story matters

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New podcast time! In this episode, I talk with my friend Nish Weiseth, founder and editor-in-chief of Deeper Story, a faith-based community blog about the power of story.

We talk about why story matters, and that it's not always the big, monumental epic adventures that change lives"our little, ever...

A Chat with my Literary Agent

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Let's talk publishing! In this episode Tsh is talking with her friend and literary agent Jenni Burke, who works with the firm DC Jacobson.

(photo credit: the lovely Nish Weiseth)

Useful links:

2014 Writer's Market Guide

2014 Christian Writer's Market Guide...

Preemptive Love

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Jeremy and Jessica Courtney raise their two kids in Iraq while running their organization, Preemptive Love. They help provide life-saving heart surgeries for Iraqi children, but they also...live life. In this episode, we talk food, work, culture, and what it's like to live as expats in the Middle Ea...

Nerd is a Good Thing

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Tsh Oxenreider talks to Anne Bogel about BOOKS: good summer reads, how to encourage kids to read, when to buy vs. when to check out at the library, e-reader vs. the real thing, and more. Plus, Anne shares her book matchmaking "services" and we talk about her famous summer reading list. If you enjoy...

Freedom From Stuff

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Joshua Becker writes a blog called Becoming Minimalist, and that title describes well his journey: he hasn't figured out all the ins and outs of minimalism... he's becoming one. He and Tsh chat about what it means to live simply by living with less. Both are parents, both live in the real world, and...

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