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Tsh Oxenreider

Austin, Tx

Description: Intentional living from Tsh of Simple Mom

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My Favorite Woman Yet

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Who do we “need” to know from history? (hint: it’s not just for Christians, nor just for women!). She and Tsh talk about several of her favorite women in history, and why we all benefit from remembering and honoring their lives.

Our conversation includes stories from history, a chat about the book-writing process, the pressures felt from blogging, and why we pretty much stand on the shoulders of greats.

Head here for the show notes AND to enter a giveaway for one of five copies of Michelle’s new book!

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Pillows Matter, Man

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We're back with a new podcast! It was only fitting that I chat with my friend Stephanie Langford for my first international chat. She and her family traveled around the world last year, too"only she had four kids. And one of them was a baby. And they were gone for 54 weeks. (Makes me feel less crazy...

In a Five-Foot Tree

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It's always a treat to talk to my friend (and AoS contributor) Kat Lee! I was glad to get in a last-minute conversation with her before we hit the skies and head across the world. We chat about new school year beginnings, moving, taking risks, letting our kids take risks, routines and rituals and tr...

Somebody Sewed That Shirt

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Podcast time! This episode explores the world of ethical fashion"for kids. Hayley Morgan is starting a new clothing line with the hopes of transforming how we think about dressing our kids. I talk to her about slow fashion and owning a small family business, what it means to be a working mom with yo...

Your (little) story matters

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New podcast time! In this episode, I talk with my friend Nish Weiseth, founder and editor-in-chief of Deeper Story, a faith-based community blog about the power of story.

We talk about why story matters, and that it's not always the big, monumental epic adventures that change lives"our little, ever...

A Chat with my Literary Agent

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Let's talk publishing! In this episode Tsh is talking with her friend and literary agent Jenni Burke, who works with the firm DC Jacobson.

(photo credit: the lovely Nish Weiseth)

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