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Episode 100 »» Shutter Time Hits 100, Yo!


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Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski

Edmonton, AB

Description: Shutter Time with Sid and Mac - photography podcast.

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Episode 100 »» Shutter Time Hits 100, Yo!

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Shots for Everyone 

Before we start strolling down memory lane, marking 100 episodes of this podcast, we take care of some business. After we recorded the show, we were asked by a couple of listeners to limit the Fuji swooning for at least episode 100 or kill it all together for a while. Whoops. Sorry, y’all, we do cover a wee bit of Fuji chat as a follow up to the review we said Mac would deliver, so he does just that! Join us as Mac quickly gives us his thoughts on the Fuji 16mm extension tube, we briefly chat about the most popular cameras according to Flickr folks, and a wee more! Oh, and blame Mac for the celebratory noises, hehehe.

Stay Gold, Vivian. Stay Gold. 

It’s been no secret we’ve become fans of the late Vivian Maier’s body of work, and we have discussed her a number of times on the show, including a here!

100 Episodes, Holy Crap, Canon

Like it says in our bio (sans photos, I know, I know):  Our Shutter Time Roots: After countless hours of conversations and a few shoots together, we realized we should be transferring our gift of gab to a platform where we can reach other photographers and photography enthusiasts alike. Shortly after our lightbulb moment and a trip to B&H Photo, Shutter Time with Sid and Mac was born. – this about says it all, folks! 100 episodes and the conversation is still going strong!

Visiting the Shutter Time Bunker

We’ve had a good chunk of interviews and special guests, panelists and more drop by the virtual bunker and we’ve been thrilled every single time. In no particular order, we want to thanks all those who took the time to come on the show: Michael, Kasia, Dominick, Andrew, Moose, Ashley, Jamey, Jake, Rob, Alan, Terry, John, Jennifer, Randy, Darlene, Carey & Kelly (The Lonely Photographers), and Dustin. We appreciate it so much and we thank you all for contributing to the show, taking to the mics and exploring the world of photography with us!

Friendships Are Born

Becoming friendly with our listeners has allowed us to develop some really great friendships online and in person: Michael, Rob, Alan, Ross, Dom, Scott, Udo, Jamey, Andrew, Mark, the list continues! We look forward to building a few more friendships as the show goes on. But just a few now! :D

Not Gonna Go All Bette Midler On Y’all

….and spout something about you all being the wind beneath our wings or anything like that, but just know we thank you, our wonderful listeners, for tuning in through the good and the bad, the ups and downs, heated debates, awkward poses, fanboy / fangirl moments (uh, Fuji and Moose, anyone?), Uncle Murphy interruptions, techie blips, countless giggles, big sighs and more. We appreciate every download of the show and more importantly, the excellent interaction and all the support from all of you. Awkward group hug once again!

Looking Ahead

The comments, visits, emails and more really mean so much to us and our promise to you is to keep getting better and making a show you’ll want to keep listening to and hopefully, participating in! Look for a revised site, better interaction from us, better photography, and more overall podcast goodness as we head towards the next 100! We look forward to the challenge as we tackle the ever changing world of photography with our mics!

Join the Convo

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any show suggestions or comments on anything in your photo-driven minds, please speak up! What do you think of the Oscar nod for FVM? How do you think she would handle the increased hoopla on her body of work? If you shoot macro, do you think an extension tube is the way to go or would you prefer a dedicated macro lens?

You can find us on Stitcher App!

Thanks as always for tuning in… and thank you, Mac. :) Let’s go shootin’ sometime, eh?

Cheers, y’all!

Sid & Mac!

Shutter Time Baby Sid

Shutter Time Little Mac

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