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Episode 97 »» Santa’s Bag Returns, Yo!


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Shutter Time With Sid & Mac

Sidney Blake & Mac Sokulski

Edmonton, AB

Description: Shutter Time with Sid and Mac - photography podcast.

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Episode 97 »» Santa’s Bag Returns, Yo!

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Christmas 2014 image courtesy of Kasia Sokulska

Candy Cane Wishes

It’s that time of year, y’all! We are back with our 4th annual Santa’s Bag show! We join the ranks of just about everyone else in the industry with holiday gift suggestions for the photographer type person in your world. Once again, Mac’s wife, Kasia, joins us for the fun! Please tune in as we dig inside Santa’s Bag o’ goodness to see what we come up with.

Join the Convo

We’d love to hear some of your holiday gift ideas for photographers! You can find us at Stitcher.

Thanks to Kasia for joining us once again on the show! Make sure to check out her lovely work, folks!

Happy holidays, y’all and thanks as always for tuning in! Truly.


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