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Description: If it's shiny, I want it. And if I can get it, I'll review it. No payola, no BS. Just my honest opinions, mixed in with a little color commentary.

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This is a test to see how iTunes and WordPress handle posts with “cut” lines in them (i.e. a “read more” type link).

This is a really long string of text.  This is a really long string of text.This is a really long string of text.This is a really long string of text.This is a [...] No related posts.

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Review: AMOD AGL-3080 GPS for Geotagging

Haven’t been able to properly launch the website and podcast due to a sudden flurry of work (and with the economy the way it is, you take what work you can get, when you can get it).  In the meantime, here is one of my older reviews, to whet your appetite for what’s to come!...

It’s (almost) Showtime!

Thank you for your patience.  I’ve been somewhat delayed in launching this site due to work and illness.  But it looks like I’ll finally be able to start recording some episodes and writing up some reviews this weekend.  (Actually I’ve had some reviews written up for a while now...

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Just a quick test to see if video podcast publishing works as it should...

Coming soon…

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Coming soon tn an iPod(TM) near you!...

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