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Intro To Geek 17: The Walking Dead Videogame

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Welcome to Intro to Geek! Each week, Shaun and Christina talk about a Movie, TV Show, Books, Comic or Game and let you know if it's worth checking out!

This week's Christina and Shaun sit down to talk about The Walking Dead Seasons One and Two Videogame by Telltale Games...

Shauncastic 139: Talking Dead Redux

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We're back from our "Impromptu Hiatus"! This week the cast talks some Walking Dead Season 4 and the shenanigans of NYCC

The "Cast" this week is DrMrsTheAwesome and Christina "The Brownie"

You can now follow us at and you can also follow Shaun on Twitter as Pneumaz!. We're a...

Shauncastic 08: Bonus Cast – Talking About Dead People

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Where our cast talks about the first Two Episodes of the Walking Dead TV show on AMC. Of course - since this talks about the show we venture into full on unapologetic Spoiler Territory!!!

Returning for the "Cast" is "Captain" Mike of Captain's Comics and Toys, and Christina the Brownie. Don't forge...

Shauncastic 05: The Walking Dead TV Show

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It's Halloween and the premiere of The Walking Dead TV show on AMC begins tonight at 10pm! In celebration of this, we're speculating on the show, the actors, and how we think the first season is going to play out...

Shauncastic 04: The Walking Dead – A Retrospective

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In celebration of Halloween and the premiere of it's upcoming TV show on AMC we are discussing one of my favorite comic books today: The Walking Dead. Trust me - you're gonna love this book.

The "Cast" this week is "Captain" Mike of Captain's Comics and Toys, Dr. Mrs. The Awesome and Christina the...

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