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Sandbox Episode 13 – Outer Wastes


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Shark Bone Podcast

Devon J Kelley & Guests

Las Vegas, NV

Description: A Feeding Frenzy of RPG Ideas!

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Sandbox Episode 13 – Outer Wastes

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Let me begin by apologizing for the quality of William's sound. I cleaned it up the best I could but it's still not perfect. You can understand his contributions, which is why I didn't scrap this whole episode. He made some really great contributions, too. I think you'll enjoy this episode. There are some great additions to the Shark Bone Podcast Sandbox world and a really great development for The Chief. Give it a listen. And remember to review the show on iTunes and Stitcher! Show Links Shark Bone Gamers on G+ (drinking game) Patreon Shark Bone Podcast on iTunes Stitcher RPG Rapture Gamma World Apocalypse World Numenera Remnants Gaston singing Superman and Lois first time sex Gune from Titan A.E.

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CHUM 31 – Bulldogs! Fate Core

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You want to listen to this one. It was so much fun to record. Brennan Taylor was a blast to have on the show. Both Christopher and I are big fans of Bulldogs! so it was awesome that he took the time to chat with us about the new Fate Core version of the game and the Kickstarter he's running to fund...

Pod Chatter Episode 1 – Dice

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Welcome to the very first episode of our new Pod Chatter show! In this episode, Christopher and I sit down to talk about one of the most wonderful things involved in gaming: Dice!

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Spaceballs 2

Edge of the Empire

SG-1 RPG...

Sandbox Episode 12 – Crater Colony

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It's time to break out your hammers and nails and story lumber to get to work on building this Sandbox world! In this episode, Christopher and Ro help me to make some cool ideas to inspire you in your own games. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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CHUM 30 – Goblin Hunters

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This weekend, I had the pleasure to sit across from a digital table with Ray Williams and chat about his newest card game, Goblin Hunters. The game plays really quickly and sounds like a lot of fun. You can back the game at the Kickstarter page. To find out more about Ray and his other games, visit...

CHUM 29 – Show’s Future / Shadowcraft

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You may have been expecting another episode of the Sandbox, but we've made some changes to the show. You'll hear all about them in this CHUM episode. And, we talk about making CHUMs a part of the regular release schedule, but after recording this episode, I decided against that. CHUMs will still be...

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