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SPPD243 Interview mit Nicki Borell SharePoint Upgrade


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Michael Greth

Berlin, Germany

Description: Themen.Trends.Tipps.Tricks.Talk.

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SPPD243 Interview mit Nicki Borell SharePoint Upgrade

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In der heutigen Ausgabe eine neue Stimme im SharePoint Podcast – Nicki Borell im Gespräch über Migration und Upgrade auf SharePoint 2013


  • SharePoint Day 2012 (21.11.2012) – Freikarte gewinnen
  • SharePoint Day 2012 Workshops (20.11.2012)
  • SharePoint User Group Event Advent 2012 (4.12.2012)

Nicki Borell

  • Vortrag auf dem SharePoint Day 2012 : No Fear of migration to SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 – Migration und Upgrade

Microsoft  5 Stufen

  • Learn (Upgrade methods, New capabilities, Downtime mitigation)
  • Prepare (Document environment,  Manage customizations, Plan upgrade strategy, Make items upgradable)
  • Test (Build test farms, Use real data, Evaluate techniques, Find issues early)
  • Implement (Build/upgrade farms, Deploy customizations, Minimize downtime, Monitor progress)
  • Validate (Troubleshooting, Upgrade event failures, UI/UX issues, Data issues)

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