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Star Wars (or: Fooling your S.O. into watching camp.)


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Serial Sidelines

Serial Sidelines

Description: A Podcast Dedicated to Geek Hobbies

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Star Wars (or: Fooling your S.O. into watching camp.)

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This week we discussed Star Wars, including the fact that we host a geek podcast and half the hosts haven’t seen it since they were kids. The new Serial Sidelines – the random hobbies podcast, cause we lost our geek cred. Something like that. Plus, we have another CoC: The Wasted Land code to give away!

The main event starts 42 minutes in for those who want to go straight to the guts, although you should at least listen to the intro music, it was worth it.

Let us know what you think in the Forums!

The Pre-Show:

  • 4 Minutes: Jim – What have folks been up to?
  • CoC: The Wasted Land codes to give away!
  • 10 Minutes: Josh – Concrete
  • 15 Minutes – Darrin – Costume Contest Winners
  • 20 Minutes – Nick – Visiting Alaska
  • 26 Minutes – Alan – Note II / Palm Touchstone Charging
  • iMac Refresh
  • Things PC owners can do that Mac users can’t

42 Minutes In: Star Wars

  • Monomyth
  • George Lucas: Divorce driving 1-3?
  • A condensed history of the Star Wars Universe
  • Obligatory reference to Spaceballs
  • Additional world history added to the Star Wars RPG by Jim

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