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Network Security Podcast, Episode 304


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Network Security Podcast

Martin McKeay

Santa Rosa, CA

Description: Taking thirty or so minutes every week to discuss all things computer security, with a heavy emphasis on the big picture issues, like privacy, electronic voting or the Payment Card Industry.

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Network Security Podcast, Episode 304

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And now that Martin’s home, Rich is off on baby-leave (I think that’s what it’s called). Martin and Zach briefly discuss this week’s big news — Mandiant’s “APT1″ threat intelligence report, which we strongly encourage you to read yourselves. Also, Martin gives us a bit about his experience attending ShmooCon 2013 this past weekend. Spoiler alert:

We’ll likely be skipping next week’s show while attending RSA, but if you’re around, seek us out for a beer.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 304, February 19, 2013

Time: 30:23

Show notes:

  • Mandiant APT1 Report
  • DDoS Attack on Bank Hid $900,000 Cyberheist
  • Facebook Hacked, Mobile Dev Watering Holes, and Mac Malware
  • Apple hacked by same group that attacked Facebook
  • Pint-Sized Backdoor for OS X Discovered
  • [Edited]This week’s music:  Midlife Tragedy by Rad Thought

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