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Network Security Podcast, Episode 295


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Network Security Podcast

Martin McKeay

Santa Rosa, CA

Description: Taking thirty or so minutes every week to discuss all things computer security, with a heavy emphasis on the big picture issues, like privacy, electronic voting or the Payment Card Industry.

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Network Security Podcast, Episode 295

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Rich is M.I.A. again, and we’re left do discuss Russia, “the biggest problem in computer security”, and the perpetual badness of industrial control systems.  And hopefully by the time you read this, all of the Presidential excitement will be over, or you’ll have a drink in hand and won’t care any more.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 295, November 6, 2012

Time:  35:06

Show notes:

  • The Biggest Problem in Computer Security
  • Proactive defense prudent alternative to cyberwarfare
  • How Georgia doxed a Russian hacker (and why it matters)
  • Russia deploys a massive surveillance network system
  • Unprotected backdoor into industrial control systems
  • Digital Bond – 3S CoDeSys
  • PayPal, Symantec hacked as Anonymous begins November 5 hacking spree
  • B-Sides PDX
  • Tonight’s Music: Proof I Exist with Ghost Rider

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