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The Network Security Podcast, Episode 285


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Network Security Podcast

Martin McKeay

Santa Rosa, CA

Description: Taking thirty or so minutes every week to discuss all things computer security, with a heavy emphasis on the big picture issues, like privacy, electronic voting or the Payment Card Industry.

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The Network Security Podcast, Episode 285

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This week we’re joined by Adrian Lane (my coworker, but it was Martin’s idea) to give us some more insight on his latest WAF research. The WAF situation is actually a lot more nuanced than the “sucks/wins” arguments we usually hear. And, as usual, we also discuss the latest security news (without Zach, who has a “job” that takes his “time” or something like that).

Network Security Podcast, Episode 285, August 14, 2012

Time: 41:16

Show notes:

  • Adrian Lane talks about his new Pragmatic WAF Management research and the problems with WAF.
  • A short discussion on the complexities of a secure password reset procedure, in response to the Mat Honan hack.
  • Trapwire monitoring. Evil? Only time will tell.¬†How’s THAT for a FUDDY title :)
  • Barracuda on the pay-for-play Twitter underground.
  • Law enforcement can’t crack the iPhone, what are the implications?
  • An article about finding attack origins that we couldn’t really make sense of.
  • Tonight’s Music: The Garrett Nordstrom Situation with Death Letter Blues

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