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Network Security Podcast, Episode 270


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Network Security Podcast

Martin McKeay

Santa Rosa, CA

Description: Taking thirty or so minutes every week to discuss all things computer security, with a heavy emphasis on the big picture issues, like privacy, electronic voting or the Payment Card Industry.

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Network Security Podcast, Episode 270

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It’s a good thing we’ve started double-checking Rich’s work, because he hasn’t been that reliable as of late.  Luckily Martin is recording this week, so the audio quality is back to it’s normal levels, but that means the content is back to normal levels as well.  Which actually turns out to be a good thing, since we all seemed to be firing on most cylinders this week.

Network Security Podcast, Episode  270, March 13, 2012

Time:  36:51

Show Notes:

  • SECore doing a great job with PR training, media contacts, and CFP consolidation.
  • Speaking of PR training, the TSA shows how not to respond to criticism. Grow up.
  • Honeynet project in the Bay Area.
  • The SPDY train.
  • The BS level is really high on this one.
  • Similar perspective from Chris Hoff).
  • Music: Hans York with Bored out of my Mind

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