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Network Security Podcast, Episode 269 (Reverbalicious!)


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Network Security Podcast

Martin McKeay

Santa Rosa, CA

Description: Taking thirty or so minutes every week to discuss all things computer security, with a heavy emphasis on the big picture issues, like privacy, electronic voting or the Payment Card Industry.

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Network Security Podcast, Episode 269 (Reverbalicious!)

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Let the record show that I (Rich) should no longer be allowed to record the show. Last time I tried I lost the entire episode due to a bug in my recording software (not updated for Lion). So I switched back to my older software, and proceeded to apply so much reverb that AutoTune is jealous.

We won’t blame you if you can’t handle the echoes. And I really need to apologize to Zach and Martin since there is a lot of good stuff in this one. It’s entirely my fault for applying the effect to even out the other guys being on an iPad and mobile phone, but failing to properly listen to the adjustment.

Anyway, this episode is a post-RSA recap plus talk of LulzSec and infosec burnout. Good stuff if you can handle my mangling.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 268, February 21, 2012

Time:  33:36

Show Notes:

  • Only one story this week, with the rest of a discussion of RSA. LulzSec arrested.

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