Subject:CINEMA MICRO Focus

Subject:CINEMA MICRO Focus #27 - "Noises Off!"


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Subject:CINEMA MICRO Focus

Popcorn N Roses

Metro Boston, MA

Description: One Film, Back To Front, Side To Side, The Whole Picture

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Subject:CINEMA MICRO Focus #27 - "Noises Off!"

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Welcome to Subject:CINEMA MICRO Focus! Each week, hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown will take on a single film and analyze it front to back, side to side, and everything in-between!

THIS WEEK:  One of Kim's favorite modern comedies, being the actress that she is...and she's found a way to get me to love it too...the 1992 indie "Noises Off!"

SCMF is part of the Popcorn N Roses family of shows, which includes our parent show, Subject:CINEMA, available every weekend at (and don’t worry, they go to the same site….)

We hope you’ll be back every week – don’t forget to subscribe to SC MICRO Focus and listen every week, a new show will be up every Thursday evening!