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Ep 200: Science... sort of - The Big Two-Hundo


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Science... sort of

The Paleopals

Description: Conversations about things that are science, things that are sort of science, and things that wish they were science.

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Ep 200: Science... sort of - The Big Two-Hundo

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00:00:00 - Since we spend so much time promoting everyone else's work, we decided to be a bit selfish and spend the first segment talking about our own science.

  • Charlie has a paper coming out in Nature Climate Change about moving forward into a low-carbon, sustainable energy future. No big deal.
  • Patrick has 2 papers (show off) to talk about. the second is about paleodiet using everyone's favorite atoms: the stable isotopes!
  • Ryan has a paper in Journal of Mammalogy of teeth of sloths, armadillos, and cats. Listen in to find out how that's all actually connected.


00:39:55 - Since it's a special occasion, the Paleopals decide to have a drink. Ryan's beer embodies an aspect of each of them: Odell's Fernet Aged Porter. Patrick goes back to the beginning with a Guinness. And Charlie, recovering from jaw surgery, revels in the palatable bitterness of a Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point.


00:47:36 - The preview doesn't give away much, but that doesn't mean that the guys don't have plenty to say about the upcoming sci-fi thriller . We also announce the partial retirement of Trailer Trash Talk. You had a good run, segment, and you've earned a break.


00:58:29 - Now we've talked about our own science, we take some time to talk about the state of science in general. Topics include: women in science, problems with peer review and open access, social networks and science, and trends within science outreach.


01:31:32 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like anniversaries. They happen regularly and we always remember them. Patrick begins with an oh so generous donation from Cameron L. Thanks, Cameron! Ryan has a new batch of Thomas Queen, who designed our brand new logo! We love it and hope you do too.  


Thank you to everyone who showed us love on shows for another 200 weeks of science... sort of!  

Music for this week's show:

  • Salute Your Solution - The Raconteurs
  • Drinkin' Again - Corey Smith
  • Party At The End of The Universe - SonicPicnic (from the game )
  • Forward Motion - Relient K

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