Science... sort of

Ep 205: Science... sort of - Chemical Free Sasquatch


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Science... sort of

The Paleopals

Description: Conversations about things that are science, things that are sort of science, and things that wish they were science.

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Ep 205: Science... sort of - Chemical Free Sasquatch

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00:00:00 - new chemical that may help catalyze carbon fixation reactions. Don't worry, we make Chad explain all of that with small, easy to understand words.


00:13:25 - Drinks often contain carbon, but does drinking them catalyze fixation? I have no idea. Ryan guesses that Patrick is having a Sweetwater 420 based on one clue. It's a very sad waste of talen. Chad enjoys a Hellhound On My Ale lemon beer from Dogfish Head so he has an excuse to sing some blues at the crossroads.


00:19:25 - Several new studies have lead to the startling conclusion that sasquatches may actually be bears. The first  evolutionary history of Pokemon.


00:36:39 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like sasquatch, lots of people believe in them but you're just not sure. Patrick starts us off with a new group) to any donor that wants it! Just send him an e-mail. First come, first serve.



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Music for this week's show:

Changes - Seu Jorge

Drunken Hearted Man - Robert Johnson

I Wanna Be A Bear - Descendents

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Charlie has a paper coming out in Nature Climate Change about moving forward into a low-carbon, sustainable energy future. No big deal...

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