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Ep 213: Science... sort of - Astro Boy


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Science... sort of

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Description: Conversations about things that are science, things that are sort of science, and things that wish they were science.

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Ep 213: Science... sort of - Astro Boy

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00:00:00 - Patrick and Ryan welcome Astrophysicist Steve Healey to the show! We begin with a brief overview of what exactly astrophysics is. Steve claims that by listening to this section, you'll have completed most of a bachelors in the subject. Congrats!


00:20:15 - To celebrate your recent academic achievement, we all have a drink. In celebration, Steve uncorks some pickleback, with whiskey from Wyoming and pickles sent in my listener Jerrold. Thanks, Jerrold! And Patrick kicks back with Back in Black from 21st Amendment Brewery. 


00:31:17 - Now that we're all clear on the basics, we ask Steve to tell us about some his latest work. Which involves both the second sightings of an Active Galactic Nuclei. Don't worry, we make him explain it. 


01:07:32 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Active Galactic Nuclei; we're still not sure we get what the big deal is. Patrick is happy to announce a new CreativeLive.



Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the  for more great science podcasts!




Music for this week's show:

Space, Full Colour - SonicPicnic (from the game )

Champagne Supernova - Oasis

Satellite [Astronaut Remix] - Guster

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