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Schlock’s Podcast #10 – Dickens, Brikkuni, Renaissance Carnival


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Schlock’s Podcast #10 – Dickens, Brikkuni, Renaissance Carnival

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Depending on which part of the globe you call your home, February is both bleak and festive – weather-wise, the winter is usually giving it worst before spring ushers in, but it’s also the season of carnival for some.

Schlock, however, has been eagerly preparing for a celebration of a more bookish kind – the bicentennial celebrations of Charles Dickens, who would have been 200 on 7 February of this year. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Old Curiosity Schlock pictures and now, you can hear our discussion on the great Victorian novelist (any and all feedback is most welcome).

But despite the importance of celebrating one of the greatest writers of fiction ever, here at Schlock we take colourful tomfoolery very seriously, as will be evident in Bettina’s mini-essay on carnival during Medici-era Florence.

We’re also very proud to feature a song from Brikkuni – Malta’s leading pop-folk ensemble – who have generously donated a cut from their latest album, Trabokk.

To kick things off, however, we have a couple of excellent flash fiction pieces from our vaults.

We hope you enjoy this stuffed-to-the-brim podcast. Remember to let us know what you think!


Flash Fiction

01:08 – The White Peacock by Bettina Borg Cardona

03:04 – A Minute Incident by Peter Farrugia


07:31 – Il-Gallinar Tas-Sultan by Brikkuni


13:29 – Carnival in Renaissance Florence by Bettina Borg Cardona


19:14 – Charles Dickens Bicentennial Discussion: Bettina, Teodor, Marco and Mike go from Great Expectations to Neuromancer as they explore the multi-faceted – and enduring – appeal of Charles Dickens. Later on, Annette joins the fray, finding a direct correlation between Dickens and another mainstay of the science fiction genre: George Orwell.

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