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Real Talk w/SassyScribe

Saundra E Harris

Description: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Relationship Diva's SassyScribe & Dlyte renders a hip, funky, and

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Hot Top Thursday

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Sassy & Dlyte wants to know 'what's on your mind' ...Hot Topic Thursday...

Is Your "Cookie" As Good As You Think It Is?

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You've heard women say that they will 'rock a man's world' but did she really? Is her cookie as mesmerizing as she thinks it is? Sassy & Dlyte want to know if your "cookie" is as good as you think it is...fella's share your thoughts?...

The 3 Date Rule - To Sex or Not to Sex - Oct 21,2011

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Is the three date rule THE rule of thumb? Should you have wait period of 30, 60, or 90 days? Sassy & Dlyte want to know - When is it to soon to have sex?...

Black Women & Relationships: An Interracial Fix for Marriage - Sep 23,2011

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In a WSJ article, Ralph Richard Banks byline reads, "Black women could find more partners across the race line - and it might just spark more black couples to wed." Although this topic has been discussed often, we have recognized and noticed that more Black women are beginning to embrace the idea o...

Dating 101: Are you Dating For Yourself or Your Family - Aug 12,2011

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Sassy & Dlyte discuss whats really keeping you single and dateless! When it comes to dating, are you choosing a mate for you or are you more concerned about what your family and friends will think of your potential mate? Are women more concerned about this than men? Is this one of the factors keepi...

Women & Sex - What They Really Want - Aug 05,2011

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The Sexual Revolution and Women...what you need to know and what your mother never told you!...

Men & Sex - What They Really Want? - Jul 29,2011

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Mens roundtable on sex!!!...

The Double Standard: The Sexual Awakening of Women - Dec 03,2010

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Sassy & Dlyte discuss the double standard of men and women and the sexual revolution...

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