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RTM023: Our Damn Interview with Rob Barnett


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Rock’n The Mike

Michael J. Carrasquillo

Brooklyn, NY

Description: Rock'n the Mike is a general humorous bi-monthly talk radio audio podcast typically showcasing notable & successful entrepreneurs, musicians, comedians & entertainers.

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RTM023: Our Damn Interview with Rob Barnett

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Rob Barnett, CEO of My Damn Channel, drops into the RTM [B]roadcasting [S]tudio to talk about the LIVE show partnership with YouTube & the state of online content creation. Rescheduling is futile!

Boy I love the “crackle” & “sizzle” features on my Mackie 1202VLZ mixer that I own. Man it’s awesome…sigh…I have to get that fixed someday.

We finally have My Damn Channel network, in the studio. Yes, it has taken awhile; conflicting schedules prevented us from booking this about five times but the stars aligned this time around.

The Bowl of Super (trying not to get sued by the LFN [backwards])

First discussion to be had, The blog post about the Butt Touchdown on MDC's blog]. The greatest part about this game, at least in Brooklyn, was as soon as the New York Giants won, gun shots started ringing out and some streakers starting screaming down the street.

* Star Trek reference number one [6:00]

The Journey of My Damn Channel

Since I’m really shitty about doing homework, I sort of botched up the reading of Rob’s bio from his website. More often than not the frenzy of having an in-studio guest makes me a bit nervous. The funny part is I’m trying so hard to make sure that the guest is comfortable and I end up get all worked up myself; so sometimes things that seemed to go well in my head (on-air), really didn’t go so well (on tape) and vice versa.

* Star Trek reference number two (7:40)

From a veteran of radio, Barnett brings to light how radio once was where YouTube and other emerging current technologies are…before the corporate monolith infrastructure took it over.

FYI: Before you call me [Mike] a racist, my comparison of a living color skit with Damon Wayans called ‘Hey Mon’.

* Star trek reference number three (12:17)

Mentioned: The article from Evan Shapiro of IFC on ‘The Death of Television”

After talking about the super-bowl, at the beginning of the show, we brought it back to talk about Madonna’s super-bowl halftime performance and it was really interesting for Barnett to talk about how fans nowadays are much more technically savvy so artist like Madonna are getting much more scrutiny, on their age and performances, by the public then they otherwise would of gotten earlier in their career.

What is associated with developing a My Damn Channel show? Rob discusses how much it takes to produce some of these shows.

BREAK SONG: ‘PANZIE from the album ‘Love & Blood’

My Damn Channel goes LIVE

We came back from the break to discuss My Damn Channel LIVE will present on the daily live broadcast.

To close up this episode up Barnett shares some tips on developing a podcast/radio show and what better way to offer that advice than with a near perfect impression of comedian and creator of the “. We could only hope we’d grow enough to get at least 8% of that traffic.

I leave you with two inspiring quotes that came from Barnett: “No matter what happens, we’re not going down.” & the second, “In the end, we win.” Let’s hope so!

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