Room Darkening Curtains

Room Darkening Curtains


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Room Darkening Curtains

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Room Darkening Curtains

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There are several times when it is very apparent that you need room darkening curtains.  These curtains, also called "blackout curtains", are designed to block out more light.  They accomplish this by either having a solid lining, or by having an extremely tight weave.

Uses for Room Darkening Curtains

One of the most common uses of room darkening curtains is for a media room.  They are useful for making the home theatre room very dark for better viewing of movies and television.  With these types of curtains, homeowners can have a media room that still has windows, and can let light in when they want, but darken it when they want to watch movies during the day.

Another obvious use is for night-shift workers.  By blocking out almost 100% of the light, it allows folks to sleep during the day, even during the brightest hours of the day.  Even if the bedroom windows face the sun during a part of the day, these curtains can keep it as dark as night-time within.

Similarly, many folks will use room darkening curtains for their kids' rooms.  If the child is still of an age when they nap, or if their bed-time is early enough to still be light outside, having the room darkened facilitates the child's ability to fall asleep quickly.  And if you are a parent, you know how important that is!

One of the frequently over-looked benefits of room darkening curtains is energy efficiency.  Room temperatures can easily be lowered by 10 degrees or so by blocking out the intense sunlight.  Rooms can be kept cooler in the summer without requiring as much work from the air conditioning system.  Surprisingly, they help in the winter as well.  Because of how tight the weave is of the fabric, or due to the lining, keeping the curtains closed during the wintertime is the equivalent of putting a blanket over your windows (which is where most of the heat loss occurs).  They can actually keep your house warmer in the winter!

What to Look for in Room Darkening Curtains

As mentioned above, there are two main types of room darkening curtains: lined, and thick weave.

The lined curtains are normal curtains that have some sort of (usually plastic) liner adhered to the window-side.  The advantage to these is that they are extremely efficient in blocking out the light.  The disadvantage is that they tend to be a bit stiffer, and do not look as elegant, which may be a problem depending on your home décor needs.

Thick-wave curtains do not have a liner, but instead rely on the weaving technique, and heavy-duty thread, to make an opaque fabric.  These tend to be softer and more attractive, but they are more expensive, and may not block as much of the light.

Regardless of your situation and need for curtains, your decorating tastes, or your budget, you will be able to find room decorating curtains that work well for you.

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