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Room Darkening Blinds


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Room Darkening Curtains

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Room Darkening Blinds

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Sometimes you need an alternative to curtains to completely block out the light.  This is when room darkening blinds are a better option.

Uses for Room Darkening Blinds

Like the blackout curtains, room darkening blinds are used to keep the light out of rooms.  This is useful for night-shift workers who need to sleep during daylight hours, or children's bedrooms where they nap, or have pre-dusk bed-times.  They are also commonly used in media rooms, where having the room dark facilitates watching a movie or television.

Additionally, in urban settings there may be street lights, traffic signals, or lights from vehicles which shine into a bedroom at night.  Room darkening blinds can block out those distractions.

Room Darkening Blinds Compared to Curtains

In general, blinds are less expensive than curtains, so they make a great option for folks on a tight budget.  And for renters who may be hesitant to install something permanent like curtain rods, there are room darkening blinds that are more temporary, that simply use adhesive to mount, and are easily removed later, yet still look stylish.

Blinds are also much easier to custom fit to a window.  Many are made of material that can simply be carefully trimmed with scissors to make an exact fit.

Because of the custom fit, and because they mount inside the window frame, they tend to be darker than even the best curtains.

The biggest drawback to blinds compared to curtains is the look.  Even the best-quality blinds do not have the elegance of really nice curtains.  The trade-off is functionality…blinds are darker, but do not look as nice.  One way around this is to use blinds, and put a nice set of curtains (that are not blackout) on top of the blinds, although that is still never going to be as attractive as curtains alone.

Regardless, if you need a room darkened, and curtains are not an option for you, room darkening blinds make an excellent choice.

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