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Room Darkening Drapes


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Room Darkening Curtains

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Room Darkening Drapes

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When looking for room darkening drapes, there are three things to consider.

First is the style. That may seem counter-intuitive, because some people may be focused more on the actual performance of the drapes. However, with the exception of some really cheap curtains (usually in lighter colors), most of the blackout drapes all block the same amount of light. That is why style is the most important factor. You want to find drapes that, aside from blocking the light, match your d├ęcor, of course. Color is the most obvious way, but even the way the fabric folds and the quality of the fabric is important. The texture of the material can vary widely. Some room darkening drapes are made of a tight weave which blocks the light, and others have a lining adhered to the window side. The drapes with lining tend to be stiffer, and have a lower-quality feel.

The second consideration is the performance. As mentioned above, this varies little among the quality curtains. But, if the budget is tight, and absolute darkness is needed, style may have to be sacrificed. For example, in a media room where any glare will be reflected on the viewing screen, total darkness, with no highlights around the edge, may be needed. (They may actually want to consider room darkening blinds instead.) But someone trying to make a toddler's room darker for nap-time may not need quite the level of darkness.

The third criteria is price. Surprisingly, though, price and performance are not directly correlated. Some of the least expensive room darkening drapes are among the darkest drapes available, though the feel may be less stylish than hoped for. The best bet is to buy online, where you can cut out the middle man. Many of the major retailers offer online prices that are equivalent to wholesale, especially if there is a sale going on.

When shopping for room darkening drapes, be sure to know which of the three criteria are most important to you, then look for the best deals on the internet to fit your budget.

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