Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Coincidence Control Network: File #020


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Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Ken Eakins (WSH Media)

Description: Exploring the Underground and Counterculture...so you don't have to!

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Coincidence Control Network: File #020

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This week: Nicholas Pell goes to charm school, Life on Mars, Pell on politics, the Tupac hologram, The beat goes on, SkyNet, and why you shouldn’t support the God Save The Queen re-release!

Personnel –  Ken Eakins.

Linky Poos
  • Neil Young reinvents digital audio format  - Link
  • Mars Viking Robots ‘Found Life’  - Link
  • Boehner Endorses Romney  - Link
  • Tupac back from the dead as a hologram at Coachella – Link
  • Kerouac Estate Controversy – Link
  • What’s After Autonomous Cars? Humanoid Robots – Link
  • Don’t support the re-release of God Save The Queen – Link

Musical Interludes

Yppah - They Know What Ghost Know

Serge Gainsbourg - Requeim Pour Un Con

M.C. Lars - Hot Topic is not PunkRock

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