Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Coincidence Control Network: File #018


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Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Ken Eakins (WSH Media)

Description: Exploring the Underground and Counterculture...so you don't have to!

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Coincidence Control Network: File #018

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This week: Cameron goes boring…again, Facebook privacy boggles our minds, Hitler’s LA bunker, Kim’s new hero rises, New drug could seriously reduce cancer, Borat strikes again, Dangerous Iranian over-confidence, Your privacy online is a sci-fi fantasy, Middle-East state executions, and Technology that bleeds!

Personnel - Ken Eakins.

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Want links? We got ya
  • A blank featureless wasteland : The Movie  - Link
  • Facebook legal action – Link
  • Hitler’s would-be bunker…in LA. – Link
  • A New Hero Rises  - Link
  • One drug to shrink them all – Link
  • Accidental Borat  - Link
  • Dangerous Overconfidence from Netanyahu – Link
  • Your Privacy is a Sci-Fi fantasy  - Link 2
  • Middle East state executions  - Link
  • Everyone knows it should be white fluid  - Link

Musical Interludes

  • Kaada – Thank you for giving me your valuable time
  • King Geedorah – Monsterzero
  • Knifehandchop – Girlfriend

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