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Coincidence Control Network: File #72 - The Boys Are Back In...The Gym?


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Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Ken Eakins

Description: Exploring the Underground and Counterculture...so you don't have to!

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Coincidence Control Network: File #72 - The Boys Are Back In...The Gym?

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This week: Dem boffins are at it again and Kim is watchin' em, behold your new master: JIBO, Europe hates Google, Ebola and Roswell, Naked hijackers and much more!

Personnel –  Ken Eakins 

  • Higgs - Boson News - Link
  • Google Glass no longer scares me; Jibo does -
  • Europe Hates Google Link
  • Ebola: The Roswell Connection Link
  • Elbow musical or musical elbow ? - Link
  • Naked, Stick-Wielding Carjacker Gets Hogtied By Highway Drivers -
  • Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Magic on the Battlefield Link
  • The Decaptitated Goats of NYC Link
  • How it starts - Link
  • Two twats sprayed Walmart stock with Doe piss -
  • ISIS Tweets: Kill Twitter Link
  • D&D at 40 Link Joe

Outro: The Dillenger Escape Plan - When good dogs do bad things

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Coincidence Control Network: File #71 - Ryan Gosling Made Me Do It!

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This week: Gundam fans: size isn't everything, Don't cross the Dark Lord!, Glow in the dark Wild Boar, Net Neutrality, Ryan Gosling and incest, Don't be dissing my Montessori, Google Glass: The creepiness continues, and much more!...

Coincidence Control Network: File #70 - You Are Being Lied to!...Sort Of

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EPISODE 47 - Operation Paperclip with Annie Jacobsen

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This episode Kim the usurper takes the interview throne, and interviews our second female guest to date, the wonderful Annie Jacobsen.

Annie has recently published a book called 'Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America', says it all really...

Coincidence Control Network: File #069 - All Kinds of Sexy!

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This week: We salute the changing of the guard at DisInfo, Bad vibes in Isla-Town, Vlad the Impaler found!, Washington hippy news, Ouija boards now on the NHS, Get that vag in shape!, Soooo Normcore, Spotty Mars logic, and get your folk on wit...

Behind Closed Doors - Broadcast #44

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Nomeansno - Dance Of The Headless Bourgoisie

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Ber Rosarotem Licht

Weave - Go Ni

Father Murphy - Bones Got Dry

John Carpenter - Assault on Precinct 13

Dead Rider - Of One Thousand...

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