Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Coincidence Control Network: File #063 - Bringing you the Multiverse since 2011


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Right Where You Are Sitting Now

Ken Eakins

Description: Exploring the Underground and Counterculture...so you don't have to!

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Coincidence Control Network: File #063 - Bringing you the Multiverse since 2011

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This week: Sans-Ken, our fearless heroes attempt (in vain) to push on through with a 'show' for you lucky listeners. Listen to them discuss: Baby Poop, Chef Liar, Pomegranate Batteries, Bangingbig with the Big Bang (yeah I went there), Solar Moon Energy...man, Growing vegetables in space ...maaaaaan, Noah: Action hero. and Courtney Love: Plane finder.

Personnel –  Kim Monaghan

  • Baby Poop Sausage... Link
  • Chef Liar - Link
  • Hippy Watch: Pomegranate batteries - Link
  • Big Bang Proven - Link
  • Solar Energy From the Moon Link
  • Hippy Watch: NASA trying to grow vegetables in space - Link
  • Noah Kicked Ass - Link
  • Courtney Love: Plane spotter - Link

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BCD - A Tad Dank 6

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Kim returns with his unsigned focussed show. Filled with the usual blend of weirdness and blathering from your host, and some great new choons. Yeah, really.


Blemishes - Outer Pluto Nebulae

Apostrophic - SKE-3-RCV

Sir Rocket Juice - The Toy Box

Dino Felipe - Pea Cock...

Coincidence Control Network: File #062 - (X)ville

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This week: We doff our hats to the head Ghostbuster Harold Ramis, Indian big cats scare Isla and Kim, Kurt Cobain is immortalised in stone, 13 year old flipflop, South America and Europe don't know how the Internet works, and Ass robots! The future now!...

Behind Closed Doors - Broadcast #43

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Come and talk music with us on Facebook here.


OvO - Pandemonio

Pierre Raph (Requiem for a Vampire) - Crotch Batterie

Public Service Broadcasting - Night Mail

Crowhurst - Time Lapse

Lake Kawaguchi - Recess

Herbert Eimert & Robert Beyer - Klangstudie 2

Ennio Morricone - Placcaggio...

Coincidence Control Network: File #061 - Florida Watch!

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This week: Isla promos the homo..wait, I fancy some human heads with my Ramen, Ken has that sinking feeling, The Bible: the gift that keeps giving, Isla's Florida report, Crowd-sourcing the cure for cancer, and those crazy Aztecs and their manuscripts...

Coincidence Control Network: File #060 - Cyberflora? In MY Internet?

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This week: Phillip Seymour Hoffman: Goodnight sweet prince, Isla's got his hands all over your Japanese bra, Go hack a fridge, Remove the pox of the Internet with one nifty plugin, Enigmatic Castaways, Git your Drones off my yard!, Cyberflora on MY Internet?, and Raymonds Oathorama!...

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