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Delyn Meyers – Stanislaus Economic Development and Workforce Alliance


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Regional Business Talk – Economic Development

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Description: Interviews and Information about Regional Business and Economic Development

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Delyn Meyers – Stanislaus Economic Development and Workforce Alliance

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Recently I spoke with Delyn Meyers, Senior Manager of Economic Development for the Development Corporation - “The Alliance”, in central California.

The mission and responsibility of the Alliance is overseeing both economic development and workforce training activities in the Stanislaus River Valley. Under its leadership, the Alliance is committed to creating a blueprint for success, which can make the Stanislaus River Valley the strategic business choice for existing and expanding companies by focusing on job creation, business assistance, and workforce preparation activities.

My talking points were drawn from the Stanislaus Alliance Strategic Plan 2008-2012 and Delyn spoke about the county’s location in the San Joaquin Valley Bioregion in the heart of California. It’s the state’s top agricultural producing region, sometimes called “the nation’s salad bowl” for the great array of fruits and vegetables grown in its fertile soil.

The Stanislaus River Valley is building a strong reputation in logistics. It is strategically located within a 90-minute drive to San Francisco and Silicon Valley and is only five hours away from Los Angeles.

Transportation hub

Five railroads and three of California’s major highways traverse Stanislaus. The Port of Oakland is just 80 miles away. In addition to daily passenger flights to San Francisco International Airport, several other major airports are within 90 miles of the County.

Existing industry
World-class companies such as, ConAgra, E&J Gallo Winery, Foster Farms, Frito-Lay, and Save Mart are headquartered or have major operations in the area. In the past few years, Stanislaus distribution center openings have included WinCo Foods, Kohl’s Corporation, Longs Drug and Fastenal.

During the recession, their economic development programs helped businesses stay afloat and in many cases thrive and grow. Their very successful StanTogether 1000 Jobs program which rand from February to July of 2012 challenged local businesses to hire just one new employee to stimulate the economy – they exceeded their goal by creating over 1300 jobs for the county.


Stanislaus River Valley is also ideally located within a 90-minute drive of some of the world’s great tourist destinations – including Yosemite National Park, the Gold Country, San Francisco, Monterey Bay and the State Capital in Sacramento. The community is home to many festivals and special attractions that virtually span the calendar.

The area’s market for tourism was recently estimated at over $400 million. Some major sectors of this important cluster include lodging, transportation, and dining. Retail and many service businesses are also crucial to this industry.


California Central Valley Economic Development Board

The Alliance is also an active member of the California Central Valley Economic Development Corporation (CCVEDC) a regional marketing group whose mission is to promote job creation in the eight counties of the San Joaquin Valley.


No question, The Alliance is doing a great job and providing great model for growth in their area. Visit the S





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