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Re:Fresh 46 – I Have No Title


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Description: 80s Babies With Music and Mics. Games, rhymes and life.

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Re:Fresh 46 – I Have No Title

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Today on Re:Fresh: We mix it up and try a few new things. The crew talks some of the latest headlines including the Pope resigning, the latest in the Michigan Medical Marijuana law, the Academy Awards, and the City of Detroit is broke…still. Plus Dennis Rodman is in North Kora, the South African police are fucking everything up, and the Curiosity rover is drilling. We'll also talk Playstation 4, Bioshock Infinite is almost out, Telltale promises less bugs with the next Walking Dead game, and Ouya is coming to shelves very soon. Check it out on the latest episode of Re:Fresh.


  • Bambu – Lean YouTube
  • 183rd – Castlevania feat RFC (Smoke DZA, NYMLo, Al-Doe, Chase N. Cashe, & DJ Will Gates) SoundCloud
  • Passion Pit – Constant Conversations feat Juicy J DJBooth
  • Cat Power – Manhattan (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) feat Angel Haze SoundCloud
  • Yonas – Midnight City feat M83 SoundCloud
  • Jetpack Jones – Be Alone SoundCloud
  • Grynch – Mr Rogers (Remix) feat Bambu and Slug SoundCloud
  • King Louie – 877.CASH.NOW SoundCloud


  • Michigan Supreme Court rules against medical Marijuana dispensaries
  • Pope quits
  • Oscar Pastorious kills his model girlfriend.
  • The Oscars…..happened
  • City of Detroit is fucked…more on that later in the show
  • Playstation 4 announced…more during gaming


  • RAWSTORY NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg: No more automatic jail time for pot possession
  • YOUTUBE GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man tied and dragged behind a police van in South Africa
  • YOUTUBE Dennis Rodman visits North Korea for TV documentary
  • YOUTUBE — I Build My Ugly Cars … To Teach Kids Science
  • LATIMES A Mars first! Curiosity drills into bedrock
  • NYTIMES Rat-Size Ancestor Said to Link Man and Beast
  • CNET YouTube yanks video of 3D-printed rifle magazine
  • DISCOVERY Comics Journalism Hits the Tablets
  • YOUTUBE Real jetpack demonstrated at defence conference in Dubai
  • YOUTUBE A Detroit Haven for Hackers: Mt. Elliott Makerspace
  • KOTAKU America’s “Real” Metal Gear Can Now Throw Bricks


  • YOUTUBE PS4 Announcement – Abridged Version
  • YOUTUBE BioShock Infinite Exclusive Beast of America Trailer [HD]
  • YOUTUBE Far Cry 3 Weaponry!
  • GAMEPOLITICS Ouya Shipping to Kickstarter Backers Beginning March 28
  • KOTAKU Telltale Promises That Season 2 Of The Walking Dead Will Be Less Buggy
  • GAMEPOLITICS EA: All Future Games to Have Microtransactions Because Consumers 'Enjoy Them'
  • GAMEPOLITICS Time Warner Cable: No Consumer Demand for Fiber Gigabit Internet
  • GREATFALLSTRIBUNE Montana's zombie hoax raises concerns about EAS security

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