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The Red vs Red Podcast – Episode 17 – Bashing the Blues


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Red vs Red

Nick Seuberling and Mike Smith |

Description: A soccer podcast for fans of both Manchester United and Liverpool. An SPNT Production.

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The Red vs Red Podcast – Episode 17 – Bashing the Blues

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Chelsea becomes the first team in Champions League history to be a defending champ and not make it past the knockout stage of the tournament the following year despite winning 6-1 today on the final day of the group stage. This following an ugly loss at West Ham over the weekend and the Blues are suddenly having the blues.

What You’ll Get in this Episode:

Nick won the toss and deferred to Mike

Liverpool winners 1-0 over Southampton over the weekend

Suarez picks up a yellow card and will miss Sunday’s fixture against West Ham.

Liverpool will make some moves in the upcoming transfer window

Shoutouts/Announcements – Happy Birthday Mrs. Smith

United win 4-3 over Reading, MUST DEFEND NOW.

Lose 1-0 to Cluj in a fixture that had no bearing whatsoever

The Manchester Derby is this weekend, United 3 points clear at the moment

Stoppage Time – The Champions League results, Aston Villa making some progress


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