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The Red vs Red Podcast – Episode 13 – Here Come United!


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Red vs Red

Description: Manchester United and Liverpool coverage from a fans perspective.

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The Red vs Red Podcast – Episode 13 – Here Come United!

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Manchester United have really picked up their form of late. The last 2 weeks have helped set a marker in the Premier League and in Champions League play. This is all happening without a solid back 4 in front of a shaky goalkeeping tandem. Meanwhile, Liverpool continue to draw games and look ahead this weekend to a big fixture in London vs Chelsea.

What You’ll Get in this Episode:

Mike wins the coin toss and lets Nick go first

United with a controversial 3-2 win over Chelsea, thanks MC!

Follow it up with another loss at Chelsea, this time in the Capital One Cup

Arsenal makes the trip to the northwest and lose to the Reds 2-1 at Old Trafford

United, come back yet again in Champions League play, this time AT Braga and win 3-1


Liverpool should have had 3 points in the Merseyside Derby. Up 2-0 at Goodison, they allow Everton to tie but should have won when Suarez’s winner was ruled offside when he clearly wasn’t

Another draw, this time vs Newcastle. Brilliant goal by Suarez to equalize.

Stoppage Time – NBC Sports aquires American television rights deal for BPL soccer. 3 years, $250 million. Wow! Huge news here in the States.


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