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Read The Cat – 1376-1420

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Eucharist, Tabernacles, Faith and Sacraments of Healing... now on Read The Cat!...

Read The Cat 1321-1375

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Heaven on Earth

In this episode we talk about the gift of the Holy Eucharist. John 6 and the Last Supper... yeah, it's pretty much a party of Jesus' sacrifice and our opportunity to receive it.

CHALLENGE: Next time you go to mass try to really take a second and journal how we can better offer our...

Read The Cat – 1266-1320

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Confirmation is often misunderstood, but as one of the three sacraments of initiation it plays a key role in our spiritual lives.

Listen to this week's episode to learn all about it. (special section for catechists and those who teach Confirmation classes)...

Read The Cat – 1211-1265

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Baptise!!!! This week's all about Baptism!...

Read The Cat 0991-1045

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When I have the opportunity to talk to teenagers the theme I most often unpack is that of "eternal life." You see we have two options:

1. We can live our lives for our 72 years (if we're lucky) and try to squeeze out every bit that the world has to offer: luxury, comfort, and fame...

Read The Cat 0881-0935

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Elevator Pitch: The Pope, following in the succession of Peter, is the head of the Church instituted by Christ. The bishops are given authority and lead their flocks under the guidance of the Pope. Lay people are awesome, and are guided by their bishop...

Read The Cat – 0826-0880

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Cool quote of the week: "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church" -Tertullian

Elevator Pitch: The Church is Catholic, in other words, universal.

The Church is apostolic, in it's mission, questing to follow the same mission of the apostles...

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