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Writer/Filmmaker/Dir. of the Dam Short Film Fest, John LaBonney – S02 E03


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The Random Variety Show

Charley Miller

San Diego, CA

Description: The Random Variety Show Podcast with Charley Miller

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Writer/Filmmaker/Dir. of the Dam Short Film Fest, John LaBonney – S02 E03

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Our guest this episode is John LaBonney a writer, filmmaker and the director of the Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City, Nevada.  He shares how his passion for filmmaking began as well as the process and his experience with the Dam Short Film Festival, now celebrating its 9th year.

Watch Barn Dance on Vimeo, John’s first film that he wrote and directed!

If you’re in or near Boulder City, Nevada from February 6-9, 2013 be sure to check out the Dam Short Film Festival!

View Carleton Torpin, our guest from season 1, episode 11.

Follow John & the Dam Short Film Festival on

Quote of the episode:
JOHN: “I said that because I don’t think you can love or hate words. They’re just words.
GROUCHO: Ah … very poignant.
JOHN: There are lots of words out there and they only have meaning when you give them meaning. So words are tools. As good tools and bad tools. So ‘cheese’ can be as good a word as it is a bad a word.”

**Mr. Marx appears courtesy of the chaotic prattle and vibrations of Mr. Miller’s larynx, and the marvelous wizardry of the Internet.

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