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Band: TRUTH & The Lies – S02 E02


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The Random Variety Show

Charley Miller

San Diego, CA

Description: The Random Variety Show Podcast with Charley Miller

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Band: TRUTH & The Lies – S02 E02

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Season 2 Episode 2

To kick off the new season we have the band: Truth & The Lies discussing with Groucho how the four members: JT, Chris, Brett and Joe came together and formed the band.  Song include: Head Rush & Hunger.  Also find out why McDonalds and Starbucks were pivotal to making this band happen.

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Charley rambles on about trying to find some ‘quiet’ time, plus listener feedback, voicemail and some feedback from Drew!

Quote of the episode:
CHRIS:  “My idea on life is experience is knowing and knowing is experiencing.
GROUCHO: Yes, very eloquently put.
CHRIS: Yeah. I’m a big philosophical kind-a-guy. I’m a psychology major or was. I’m not taking school this semester because I had no time, but I’m trying to major in psychology right now. So I’m just really big in that. I’m a spiritual daoist, which is I live by three rules which is: compassion, moderation, humility. And my job on this earth is to fill the earth with positive energy and that’s all I can do.”

**Mr. Marx appears courtesy of the chaotic prattle and vibrations of Mr. Miller’s larynx, and the marvelous wizardry of the Internet.