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Creative Coloring For Kids #124


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Raising Playful Tots| Play| Preschool and Simple Parenting

Melitsa Avila

Description: Raising Playful Tots a podcast for Mums making the most of playtime with their tots.

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Creative Coloring For Kids #124

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There’s more to coloring than printables and staying inside the lines. Get creative with your coloring ideas for your young child. Plus newest ebooks, ecourses, memes, challenges and books in the play community to have a bumper year with your tot.

In this episode::

African necklaces


The Coloring book

The Scribble Book

The book  with a hole

Press here

642 things to draw

Art projects for kids

Summer Journalling


30 Day Drawing Challenge!


Favourite activity of the week

Nighttime drawing

The ABC’S of…a Kid Blogger Network Series


Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids


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