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Keeping Christmas Simple and Meaningful #121


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Raising Playful Tots| Play| Preschool and Simple Parenting

Melitsa Avila

Description: Raising Playful Tots a podcast for Mums making the most of playtime with their tots.

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Keeping Christmas Simple and Meaningful #121

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Stephanie Langford of Keeper of the home talks about keeping Christmas Simple and Meaningful with young children.


In this episode::

  • How we can keep Christmas simple with small children
  • Christmas lists
  • Stocking ideas

Kids are actually happy with really simple things” @keeperhome  — Click to Tweet

  • Gifts and traditions that you know and your partner knows.
  • Love Language of gifts
  • Conversations around gifts
  • Other family members and their ideas around gifts
  • Setting limits and finding your position.
  • Choosing to approach Christmas differently depending on which side of the family.
  • Talking about how we’re going to do Christmas each year as times change
  • Picking presents or making gifts how far in advance.
  • Clutter free gifts
  • Memories and experiences as gifts
“Remembering something you did with another person is the kind of memory that will stick with you “  Via @keeperhome —– Click to tweet
  • Keeping the Christ in Christmas
  • Advent and daily devotional plan
  • Christmas morning ideas
  • Giving and serving at Christmas
  • Focus on having a simpler Christmas
  • Deciding which things will NOT be part of your Christmas celebrations
  • What do you do when you don’t feel like Christmas?
  • Perspectives on Christmas.
  • two actions you’ve taken in the last 2 years that have had a positive effect on your life?
  • What were you doing 12 years ago?
  • The favourite play activity in your household?
  • Comments always welcome here in the shownotes or via feedback on Raisingplayfultots.com/feedback. ( Free)
Send your feedback for best of edition 2012 Raisingplayfultots.com/feedback Links mentioned in the show::
    • Christmas Countdown
    • An unholy experience
    • Truth in the Tinsel
    • Compassion International Gift catalog
    • Preparing my heart for Christmas
    • Heaven
    • Christmas around the world

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