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107 Back to school for 5 year olds and under


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Raising Playful Tots| Play| Preschool and Simple Parenting

Melitsa Avila

Description: Raising Playful Tots a podcast for Mums making the most of playtime with their tots.

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107 Back to school for 5 year olds and under

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Janae a teacher who is staying home to raise two boys. She blogs over at the development of their young child.


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What we learn in this podcast::

  • Why you wrote  71 Things Your Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten
    and the follow up article 33-ways-to-prepare-your-child-for-kindergarten and why it caused so much controversy?
  • Realistic timeframe of how to deal with school readiness
  •  Dealing with the way we see our kids and other see our kids when new words like disorder, disability, difference start to come up and how we deal with what we thought was just quirkiness or character
  •  5 areas we can work on as parents to help our children have positive experience at school?

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Everyday Sensory Play Alphabet Activities :: ebook

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Raising Playful Tots- a podcast for mums who want to make the most of playtime