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09/16/14 - Show #417: "Texans @ Raiders Postgame Show plus Raider Nation Suicide Hotline"


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Raider Nation Podcast - Oakland Raiders News

Raider Greg

Sebastopol, CA

Description: Oakland Raiders Talk year Round. Leave your take on our "Bone Line", 1-800-620-7181. One of 5 Finalists for "Best Sports Podcast" in the 2006 and 2008 People's Choice Podcast Awards. UNSENSORED and UNAPOLOGETIC. Also check out our RAIDER NATION VIDEOCAST.

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09/16/14 - Show #417: "Texans @ Raiders Postgame Show plus Raider Nation Suicide Hotline"

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be no podcast next week after the Patriots game, as we will be traveling early in the week to London for the Dolphins game at Wembley Stadium. We'll be getting video there for Raider Nation Videocast.

Show 417 TOPICS:

Segment #1: Texans @ Raiders Postgame Analysis

Raider Greg was at the game and he shares his experience starting with a great home opener tailgate party and ending with the loss to the Texans. He called Houston Sportstalk radio 790 AM when their host Matt Thomas was asking for "delusional Raider fan callers". He promised Matt that he would call back on Monday after the game regardless of the outcome, so we hear both calls.

Segment #2: The Dennis Allen - Reggie McKenzie Countdown Timer has started

Some people are speculating that Dennis Allen won't make it through the season. They are wondering if Reggie McKenzie's job is on the line after this season also. We look back at the hiring of Coach Allen, what he promised at his introductory press conference, and we examine what he's accomplished and the state of the Raiders today. We hear a call that Raider Greg made to 95.7 "The Game" radio on this topic.

Segment #3: Raiders @ Patriots Pregame comments

Just pray baby.

Segment #4 “The Boneline” Voicemail Segment

You can call in to the Boneline and get on the podcast yourself. Toll-Free 1-800-620-7181. Try to keep your call around 2-3 minutes long. If we get a lot of calls we may not be able to air all of them, so make them good. Preference may be given to first time callers. Sorry if your call is not aired. Please call back to get on another show.

This week's Boneline segment will be the "Raider Nation Suicide Prevention Hotline"

This week’s callers:

01. JagerRaider from Spring, Texas
02. Raider-Hater Candi
03. Jose Borela from Colorado
04. ObiWan Raider from Magnolia, Texas
05. Raider Chad from Seattle, Washington
06. HD Raider in Orange County, California
07. Mikey Rayder from Raiders Central
08. Miss Silver and Black in Orange County, California
09. Raider Brea calling from L.A.
10. Raider Mystic from Bend, Oregon
11. Raider Todd in Long Beach
12. Raider Sid the Desert Raider
13. Raider D from the IE
14. The Surface Raider from the UK
15. Moneyman has spoken Raider
16. The Double X Raider

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Music credit: The Raiders by Sam Spence; Back in Black by AC-DC; Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood.

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Running time - 1:27:37

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From: Rob Safuto – December 10,2006 at 10:06 pm

I'm a Jets fan and a sports podcaster with my Mets podcasts. We need more pro sports podcasts from the fans! Keep up the good work.

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