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Prove Your Point 31: Role Reversal


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Prove Your Point


Oklahoma City, OK

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Prove Your Point 31: Role Reversal

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Christopher formerly of the Post Game Report, now host of the JustTalking Podcasts joins Bluemanrule and THE Aceblack.  We discuss a multitude of topics ranging from PS3s as Blu-Ray players to Blu Jays.  We ponder the changes in life with the addition of significant other, the importance of Pokemon (or lack thereof), and JRPGs. Truthfully, this conversation is all over the place and sure to please.  Thank you for listening to Prove Your Point.  Stay Open.

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Voicemail:  405.283.66376 (OFRN)
Twitter:  @ProveYourPoint for Bluemanrule, @xxAceblackxx for Aceblack, @iam_spartacus for Chris (F.K.A Sugarfree).